General information:

As an organization, we are there for anyone at any level and type of fitness. Whether you’re training for aesthetics, to assist different sports or training to get as strong as possible, we support it all! If you happen to be training to be as strong as possible, you’ll come in contact with our competition sport sooner or later: Powerlifting!

Powerlifting is the strength sport in which someone tries to move as much weight as possible in the squat, bench press and deadlift for one repetition. Every athlete gets three attempts per movement in a competition to properly execute the lift with as much weight as possible.

T.S.K.V. Spartacus is part of the KNKF – the Koninklijke Nederlandse Krachtsport en Fitnessfederatie – Sectie Powerliften. This federation is part of the NOC*NCF and member of the EPF and IPF (European/International Powerlifting Federation). The IPF works together with the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

With this membership, T.S.K.V. Spartacus wishes to gather more professional knowledge, while also giving our members more motivation and accessibility to competitions. Apart from that, we add to the sport by organizing national competitions here in Tilburg. So far, we have organized multiple dutch national championships and student national championships!

What do we offer members?

First and foremost, we have a scoreboard that is just for T.S.K.V. Spartacus members. You can find it here. This scoreboard is also present in the gym.

Strength Meets
While not just for members, we organize our own strength meets – these are competitions meant to imitate what it is like to really compete, and made so that people newer to the sport can introduce themselves properly! We usually host Strength Meets two to three times a year.

National competitions and federation membership
If you want to compete under the KNKF and participate in competitions across Netherlands as a member of team T.S.K.V. Spartacus? Please sign up to the knkf here and send us an email at, or talk to us during clinics, strength meets or when you see us in the gym!

To a limited amount of members, we offer coaching fulfilled by world record holder Pjotr van den Hoek, as well as two veteran T.S.K.V. Spartacus members, Mitchel Leunissen and Sven Janssen. These coaches and lifters have a tremendous amount of experience and through the Tilburg University, are able to help out T.S.K.V. Spartacus! To qualify for coaching, you have to be serious about powerlifting and competitions. You have to have clear goals in mind and be willing to come to a team training up to two times a month. If you are a member of T.S.K.V. Spartacus or are willing to become one, we welcome you to send an application to with your intake. It should include:

– Name
– Age
– Your competing weight class:
– Your current lifts (1RM and/or 3RMs on Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift)
– Your goals
– Your motivation to be coached by one of our coaches


As a strength sports association, our powerlifting committee organizes lots of competitions – usually at least one every year! If you want to be a part of building national level competitions in Powerlifting, you can help out during the competitions by becoming one of our volunteers. If you want to take it a step further, you could apply to join the Powerlifting Committee and help in the months leading up to tournaments. You can apply by sending an email to!

Below is an example of one of our most well-organized events to date: the Dutch National Powerlifting Championships 2019!

For competition organizers
Attempt cards, our lamp system, competition software and more, we’ve made it all public for everyone to use on our Meet Organizers page!