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Committees play a very important role in our association. On this page we introduce them to you together with the members.

Interested in getting active? New committee members are always welcome. Get in touch!

Activities Committee

The activities committee takes care of all social activities. From coming up with new activities to ensuring that things run smoothly, the committee members take care of everything. They organize drinks, barbecues, sushi, weekend getaways, bowling, walking, movies and more.

Commissioner: Roëlle
Board buddy: Han Pei
Members: Ezra, Jesse, Lars, Pepina, Sophie

Social Media committee

This committee ensures that Spartacus is well represented on all social media platforms, including Instagram and Snapchat. They make posts from food posts to the Spartan of the month. In addition, they form the face of Spartacus and can therefore often be admired in the promotional films!

Commissioner: Di Ke
Board buddy: Kristel
Members: Thomas, Jonas, and Isabela

Construction committee

This committee takes care of the physical work and has already provided us with a jeans hang rack for the TOP week, deadlift platforms for the SC and a competition platform according to IPF specifications.

Commissioner: vacant
Board buddy:

Powerlifting committee

This committee maintains contact with the powerlifting bond, our competition members and is in charge of organizing both national and internal competitions. They also ensure that the scoreboard in the gym is always up to date.

Commissioner: Mitchel
Board buddy: Nout
Members: Sven, Di Ke, Mart, Ryan, en Willem

Tech Team

The Tech Team takes care of the website, the registration system and the e-mail infrastructure. This includes the development, updating, optimization and prevention of downtime of our systems.

Tech Team lid in actie
The photo shows Tech Team member Chris in action with a Yoke walk.

Members: Chris and Mart