Terms and Conditions

Established on the general members meeting on 2015-03-17

  1. General
    • very member is obligated to have knowledge of the terms and conditions of T.S.K.V. Spartacus.
    • The rights under the membership is strictly personal.
    • T.S.K.V. Spartacus keeps the right to end the membership in violation of the membership system or the facilities from T.S.K.V. Spartac
  2. Own risk and liability
    • The use of equipment, following a program or a course and/or activities of any kind at T.S.K.V. Spartacus is completely at the own risk of the member.
    • The association is not responsible for mistakes, including severe mistakes, of board members and other members.
  3. Membership and payment
    • Parties will agree with the duration stated on the established registration form
    • Premature termination of the agreement is not possible, outside the conditions stated in article 3, with restitution of the membership fee.
    • Termination can only be done written, before September 1st or February 1st. Depending on the start of the membership contract. Registrations from May 1st till November 1st and registrations from November 1st till May 1st will be categorized respectively as September 1st and February 1st.
    • The member will pay the membership fee in advance for every upcoming year. 
    • T.S.K.V. Spartacus keeps the right to index the yearly contribution.
  4. Final provisions
    • On these terms and conditions and agreement contracted with T.S.K.V. Spartacus, is only the Dutch law applicable.
    • T.S.K.V. Spartacus is entitled to change the Terms and Conditions. Alterations to the terms and conditions will apply to all members. T.S.K.V. Spartacus is entitled to alter the terms and conditions with the understanding that the alternation will be announced at least two weeks prior to implementation.


Terms & Conditions