About TSKV Spartacus

Spartacus is an association for enthusiastic students at the Tilburg University Sports Center who acknowledge the added value of lifting weights. We believe that everybody can be in shape with the right effort and help. We all share a passion for sport! Spartacus exists in order to let beginning and experienced athletes reach their goals in the most efficient way possible.

We also provide our members with interesting discounts. These are described here.

The forum of Spartacus is a fantastic platform full of information about training, dieting, supplementation and everything related to lifting weights. Moreover you can use it to ask your training-related questions. You’ll always receive an answer.

The advantages of weight lifting are endless. It varies from injury prevention to functionality. Do not just think about bodybuilding or lifting as much weight as possible. Also think about lifting weights as an added value for other sports. Basketball players who need to be able to jump higher and become more explosive. Hockey players who need to run faster or even swimmers who need to swim faster.

Having fun is the top priority within our association! As a result, we organize plenty of social activities like drinks, barbecues and other informal activities. Next to that some activities are aimed at improving your training and lifestyle. Be aware of the fact that clinics and communication are solely available in Dutch. When we have enough international members we will try to organize clinics in English.

Drinks and BBQ’s however are interesting for everybody, Dutch or international. Spartacus unites people based on one interest; sports! If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Het Tilburg University Sports Center: Onze gym, sponsor en huisvester!

Tilburg University Sports Center:
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Click here to read about FOSST, the umbrella organization for all students sports associations in Tilburg.