Upcoming activities

What do we offer?

  • Theoretical clinics
    From a scientific perspective we will discuss the theory behind muscles, muscle groups, their accompanying exercises, training schedules, nutrition schedules, nutrition, health, supplements, trainings mentality and of course injury prevention.
    These clinics are on the university and entrance is free (you don’t need to be a member). Currently these are only in Dutch.
  • Practical clinics
    Squat, bench press and deadlift clinics from experienced powerlifters. Even more, clinics for aesthetic goals which will help you focus on the right technique for the isolation and contracting your muscles and staying injury-free. Don’t forget that as a member you use our network to train with more experienced members throughout the year!
  • Gezelligheids Activities
    Drinks, bowling, sushi, pooling, BBQ, ice skating, (beach)volleyball, weekend holiday, going out and much more. In short, everything to get to know other Spartans and enough possibilities to show your gains!
  • Meets & Contests
    We organize and participate in (inter)national powerlift meets! For all our members we also organize Spartacus Contests in which all our members compete against each other for the best physique or strength gains.

Get to know us casually, come to our monthly drink! You’ll find the dates below.


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