Theoretical Quarantine Clinic

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The quarantine can be a real toll on both your mental health as your hard earned progress in the gym. It goes without saying that being homestuck makes strength training a challenging task, but we are here to help. In an exclusive online seminar, Peter Kerris will shed more light on the possibilities of working out under the current conditions. During this seminar, Peter will discuss basic principles as exercise selection, but also more in depth topics ranging from maintenance volume per body part to potential pathways of progressive overload.

This online clinic will be held on short notice, namely coming friday the 10th. In order to participate, we will send an invite in our whatsapp chats to the Google Hangout where the meeting is held. Are you not a member of our members chat or announcement chat? Feel free to message our page, ask the board, or sign up via our newsletter.

We kindly ask you to mute your microphone upon entering, so no one can hear you eating your fifth bag of Doritos.