Strongman clinic

Event Details

Dear Spartans,

On July 8th, we’ll be going on a trip to Nijmegen! We’re joining NSKV Profectus, which is the student strength sports association of Nijmegen, for a strongman clinic at NYMA Outdoor Gym. This clinic will start at 15:00.

We’ll travel by train to Nijmegen, which means that we’ll take the train at 13:03 in Tilburg. After the strongman clinic, which will last approximately two hours, you have the possibility of joining Atlas and Spartacus for dinner at a restaurant called Mr. Jack’s. If you plan on joining us for dinner, we recommend you get an OV bike in Nijmegen, as the distance between the gym and the restaurant is not really walkable. Joining the clinic is free, but please note that travel expenses and dinner are at your own costs.

If you’d like to join, please let us know by subscribing via the link below. The subscription deadline is July 3rd, 23:59.