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After more than a year long hiatus Spartacus Strength meets are back! On the 14th of July you will be able test how strong you really are again and see if you maintained your gains during lockdown! Here you can test your One-Rep maxes for the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift, just like in a real powerlifting meet. This is a measuring moment for every level! How much you exactly lift is not important, it’s all about the experience! Our powerlifting team will be there to guide you and spot you, and we will have a referee to check if your lifts hold up to competition standards! Due to covid-19 regulation this edition is only open to Spartans and there are limited spots.
You will have a total of 9 attempts, so 3 for each lift.
The weight classes for the men are:
– 59- kg
– 66- kg
– 74- kg
– 83- kg
– 93- kg
– 105- kg
– 105+ kg
– 120- kg
– 120+ kg
The weight classes for the ladies are:
– 47- kg
– 52- kg
– 57- kg
– 63- kg
– 69- kg
– 76- kg
– 84- kg
– 84+ kg
You can register by sending an email to In which you indicate in which weight class you want to participate and what your first attempts are (if you know them) for the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Note: for the deadlift it is mandatory to wear long socks or leggings.
– 19:30: weigh in
– 20.00: start of the Meet
Location: Fitness 2 (Tilburg University Sports Center)
For more information you can always send an email to
Good luck with your preparation and until the 14th of July! 💪