Dutch Student Nationals Powerlifting Classic 2017

Event Details

The Dutch National Student Championship will be organized by us on the 14th of October. The championship is held under the auspices of Studentensport Nederland and the Dutch Powerlifting Federation, K.N.K.F. – Sectie Powerliften (IPF member federation).

Everyone is welcome to come and support the lifters! Entrance is free.

Grouping and timetable


Nominations and registering

The admission fee for athletes is 20 euro’s. You need to be a member of the Dutch Powerlifting Federation (or a foreign IPF subsidiary) at the moment of registration. Also, you will have to satisfy the Dutch National Student Championship requirements (see the FAQ).

Registration is possible from Friday, July 14 to Friday, September 22. There are limited spots available.

Payment will take place directly after the registration by wire transfer or iDeal.

Frequently asked questions

When are you allowed to compete in a Dutch National Student Championships?

Participating is only possible for members of the Dutch Powerlifting Federation (or a foreign IPF subsidiary) who:

In all cases, you have to be between 16 and 30 years old on the day of the competition. Every nationality is welcome, so foreign and exchange students can participate too!

How can I change my weight class, get more information or unregister?

Send an e-mail to powerlifting [@] tskvspartacus [.] nl. Changing your weight class is only possible until Friday September, 22. When you unregister the admission fee is not refundable.


We would like to thank everyone that made this event possible (on alphabetical order):