Federation of Student Sports Tilburg

Federation of Student Sports Tilburg (FOSST)

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FOSST is the umbrella organisation of all student sports in Tilburg.


FOSST’s main goal is to promote and advocate for the interests of all student athletes in Tilburg. Thereby is the sport federation the contact person for all 22 student sport associations (ssa’s) and individual athletes. An estimated of 7500 students in Tilburg have a gym membership at the Tilburg University Sports Center and make use of the facilities and the extensive sport offers. It’s important for FOSST that the student is the focus and is listened to in order to provide the need for student sport. 


Many internal land external relationships are very important for student sports. That’s why FOSST represents the student sport associations (SSA’s / SSV’s) and all sporting students in consulting with other student associations of Tilburg University. The Sports Council also works closely with the management and staff of the Sport Center to monitor the quality of student sports as good as possible and to improve it where necessary. In addition, FOSST also represents the student sports in Tilburg on a national level. For example, there is a monthly consultation with all the sports councils of the other university cities in the Netherlands and the umbrella organization StudentSport Nederland.

Support, Stimulation and Promotion

for national student sport events such as de Batavieren rac, Student Winter sports and the Grand Dutch Student Championship FOSST organizes Tilburg’s delegation. Next to the national events the sports board also organizes events to help stimulate student sports. Examples are multiple clinics, Futsal competition, and the Carnival Volleyball Competition or even the Stef stuntpilot Tilburg student championships. During the organization of the events the ssa’s are involved as much as possible to give an opportunity for the associations to promote themselves. Besides sports events, other activities such as a board day or a champion’s party are all organized by FOSST.

FOSST’s goal is to support the boards and associations in an organizational and financial capacity, this is with the purpose of achieving the highest quality recreational and competitive sports. To promote student sports to the best of FOSST’s ability they maintain contact with many important external parties like Tilburg University, Fonty’s & Avans Hogescholen and the municipality of Tilburg

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