Ezra Scheermeijer



Dear Spartans,

I am Jonas, 21 years old and this year I will be functioning as Vice-Chairman. I am studying Logistic Engineering and other than my study I am training almost every day of the week. After a few years of trial and error in the gym I moved to Tilburg for my education and became member of Spartacus. Since then I learned so much about training and made a lot of progress. My passion for strength sports has only grown over the years and I can’t wait to make even more progression together with you!
See you at our activities and in the gym!

Jonas den Hartog

Mart Siemerink


Dear Spartans,

I am Di Ke and 20 years of age and other than my Spartacus board year and training I spend most of my time on my bachelor Bedrijfseconomie which I have been following for a year.
This year I will be filling the position of Treasurer from Stephanie.
My ambitions within Spartacus lie mainly with powerlifting. This is a sport which I will always be promoting. I hope for a beautiful and strong upcoming board year.
Hopefully see you soon in the gym or at one of our clinics/activities.

Di Ke Wu